5 Tips to Selecting an Electric Shaver

5 Tips to Selecting an Electric Shaver : Shaving has come far from the ancient sharpened pumice stones to now the varied options in electric shavers.

Now, depending on your style and time you’ll probably still keep a manual shaver on hand to maintain a certain look. However, electric shavers still offer a big convenience when it comes to time and efficiency. Plus, they’re handy and maintaining a beard (for those who grow and keep ’em forever not just on November).

Choosing the right shaver though isn’t always straightforward, Comparoid provides a detailed review on the best electric shavers in the market today. The best fit will depend on a few things like your skill, habit and bear type. So if you’re looking this up to make the switch to electric, we’ve got these 5 important tips to help you make the best choice.

Selecting an Electric Shaver

1. Understand the Tech

Make sure you understand what’s on the menu of electric shavers. Apart from just the brand, understanding the mechanism may help you decide which fits your skill and the style you want to achieve or maintain.

So, to help with that, let’s look at the two types of electric shavers:


The names comes from its foil covered curved blades. The foil helps separate the hair from the skin for easier cutting. Additionally, it keeps the blade from touching the skin too.

The Foil can come in 3 or 4 blades and nothing more, even though more blades mean a quicker shave. This is because shaver companies are keen on ensuring the shaver is light and easy to maneuver.

This type is ideal for those who shave often and want to keep a close shave. Men who have sensitive skin tend to choose this over the Rotary too. Since its design keeps blades away from the skin, it’s also more gentle on the skin.


These shavers have 3 to 4 round heads of concealed cutters designed to and glide according to your movement. Along with that, the concealed blades also spin fast in a circular motion pulling in hair and cutting it.

The rotary’s design also works well with longer and courser hair. Moreover, unlike the Foil, which works in angular motion, this one lets you move it along the angles of your face.

Lastly, it has the benefit of less noise. The absence of the foil seems to make it a quieter tool to work with.


2. Understand which works to your hair type and facial features.

Men with a strong jawline, a prominent chin, or defined cheekbones, can glide along that. This means a rotary shaver would be the better option. Additionally, men who have thick course hair prefer it to the foil.

The foil is a gentler option, but if you have strong facial features, it isn’t ideal. This is because this type of shaver is best and safest used in angular straight motions. However, if you have finer facial features this would be a good option.


3. Choose according to your shaving habit

Some men only shave one or twice a month, while some do it every day. Some have to do it on the go and in a rush. Meanwhile, others have this regimen timed in their daily routine and take their time with it.

Considering that a rotary is harsher and can’t keep to a close shave, it isn’t ideal for every day shaving.

On the other hand, the foil needs some time to work through areas and move slowly for a close shave. It is also more gentle on the skin and safe for everyday use.

Nothing keeps you from keeping both on hand though (apart from budget). So you can switch between the two depending on your shaving mood for the day. Whether your slow and precise or hurried for the day, you can switch between the two.


4. Wet Shaving or Dry Shaving?

Related to our earlier tip, between these two options though, the latter is the faster option. Plus, it eliminates the need for shaving creams or shaving gels.

Meanwhile, wet shavers could be better if you’re more comfortable shaving over soft skin and softer hair after a shower. It’s also ideal if you tend to use creams and gels to protect sensitive skin during a shave.

However, note that wet shavers aren’t necessarily waterproof, just water resistant. They can tolerate a sprinkle or a light spray but they’re not for submerging. So make sure you check and read your shaver’s manual.


5. Budget

It’s the last, but it’s the ultimate limiter of options. There are shavers that come with extra features like self-cleaning, styling attachments and a case. Whether or not you get to go for these options will depend on your budget.

Now, since you will be using it every day, you may want to invest on this tool. This is because it can save time and money you in the long run over manual shavers. Not to mention safety. However, as you decide on this don’t forget consider the cost of parts including blades for replacement.



Electric Shavers have come a long way since Jacob Schick first invented it and they continue to evolve. At least for the most basic types we hope this guide was helpful to help you decide. Meanwhile, if you have specific tips on how to use or choose between each please feel free to share them.




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5 Tips to Selecting an Electric Shaver

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