Sunglasses Guide: Choose Sunglasses That Are A Good Fit

Sunglasses Guide: Choose Sunglasses That Are A Good Fit : Sunglasses do more than just annunciating your looks. They also protect you from direct sunlight especially in the summer, help reduce fatigue when you are relaxing by the beach and can be a major factor in improving your stylish look.

But, all this will work only if you pick the right sunglasses that compliment your face shape and its features. This guide from Sunglasses of Ireland will help you determine what shape your face is, and the right sunglasses for it.

How to Determine Your Face Shape

Determining the shape of your face is easy. First, stand in front of a mirror. Using your phone camera, take a photo of yourself directly facing the camera. Next step, take a piece of tracing paper and slowly but carefully outline the shape of your face, starting from the chin to your forehead.

If you have no camera, no need to worry. Just stand in the mirror as before, but instead of using a camera this time, take a washable marker or a piece of soap and carefully trace the outline of your face.

Different Face Shapes, Different Sunglasses Frames

After doing the process above, you will determine that your face shape is either Oblong, Inverted Triangle, Square, Round, Heart-shaped or Oval.

Oblong Face

If you traced your face shape and noticed that the length is longer than the width and that your jawlines and cheekbones are round, then you have an oblong face.

When you are picking the right sunglasses for you, avoid choosing the ones that will make your face appear longer and instead aim for the ones that enunciate the width of your face. Lucky for you, most sunglasses will be perfect for you.

Inverted Triangle Face

With a triangular face, you will notice that the face tends to narrow down with relatively straight lines towards the temples, making your forehead wider than your chin.

When looking for sunglasses for your inverted triangular face, choose one that will make the upper side of your face broader and the lower half less noticeable. The best sunglasses suitable for you will therefore be round glasses, frameless glasses, or Aviators.

Square Face

A square face is one whose length and width are almost identical, resulting in you having a perfectly squared jawline.

Because of your angular face, when picking sunglasses, pick the ones that will balance out your face and soften the strong angular edges. Sunglasses with rounded edges or a pair of rectangular frames will therefore be the perfect fit for you. However, avoid square frames with sharp corners and sunglasses with small narrow frames.

Round Face

Similar to a square face, the length and width of a round face are almost identical. The difference is, with a round face, there are no sharp angles that enunciate your face shape.

With a round face, the task is to lengthen your face and balance out the proportions of your face. Therefore, choose sunglasses with dark frames or glasses whose width is greater than the height. Avoid glasses with rounded shapes as they will work against your face.

Heart Shaped Face

A Heart-shaped face resembles an inverted triangular face, with the face shape gradually narrowing down from the forehead to the chin. But with a heart shape, the face has softer edges, and it is rounder near the jawline.

The Perfect sunglasses for this face shape are the tear-drop aviators because they bring more focus to the lower half of your face. You can also try rounded glasses and frameless glasses but avoid glasses with large heavy frames, sharp pointy outlines, and those that cover your eyebrows.

Oval Face

An oval face is one whose length is longer than the width, has a round chin, and the width of the jawline is smaller than that of the forehead.

The goal when choosing sunglasses for this shape is to choose ones that will not interfere with your harmonious facial features. Hence, avoid glasses that have sharply defined edges, glasses with narrow frames, and glasses that appear massive.

Instead, you should choose ones with rectangular, oval or round frames.






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Sunglasses Guide: Choose Sunglasses That Are A Good Fit

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