White Stuff: Why the White Stuff Clothing Brand Is Killing It

White Stuff: Why the White Stuff Clothing Brand Is Killing It : Founded in 1985 by two keen skiers looking to fund their exciting alpine, sporting lifestyle, The White Stuff has grown from a humble friendship selling t-shirts and sweaters to fellow skiers, to become one of the best kept secrets of the modern fashion world. But why have The White Stuff become such a popular brand across Britain?

Taking its name from the winter snow of alpine ski resorts, The White Stuff, originally rocking the name ‘The Boys from the White Stuff,’ began to grow as more and more seasonal visitors to the Alps took notice of the pairs intriguing abstract designs celebrating the winter sports lifestyle.

Since the turn of the century, George Treves and Sean Thomas’ simple brand has matured into a full lifestyle brand, broadening into urban wear suitable for the streets as well as the slopes, becoming a retailer where you are just as likely to find designer sandals and shorts as you would winter coats and boots.

Unlike other popular clothing brands, its highly unlikely you’d find The White Stuff opening stores on a high street or in a shopping centre near you. However, this low-key brands lack of high street visibility further plays into its strengths, as fans of The White Club can revel in the brand being one of the fashion world’s largest, but best kept secrets.

Moving away from the world of ski-clothing and alpine jumpers and hoodies, The White Stuff has matured alongside its founders, as they have grown up and settled down with families, The White Stuff too has broadened its wardrobe to cater for an urban, family crowd.

With stylish designs across clothing as diverse as dungarees, dresses, tunics and trousers, polos, jeans, blazers and bags, this expansion has made The White Stuff perhaps the biggest secret in UK fashion. The White Stuff’s clothing range straddles expertly between the casual and the smart, offering subtle designer fashion packed with small details, but never overly flamboyant.

That’s not to say that The White Stuff doesn’t know how to have fun, with their brand and core ethos built around a subtle but creative sense of play that you’d be just as likely to find in their central office boardrooms as you would on their stores and on their clothing.

All this has drawn swathes of customers to the brand in recent years, scratching an itch that other brands haven’t been able to reach. With the brand’s mix of stylish urban clothing and its secretive, stylish aura, they might well become a more common site on a street near you.

With over a 100 stores across the country and counting, now is a great time for many consumers to freshen up their wardrobe with exciting clothing and accessories from The White Stuff, rather than more well-worn, familiar clothing from other less secretive high street competitors.







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White Stuff: Why the White Stuff Clothing Brand Is Killing It

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