Sandwich Clothing: How Sandwich Fashion Earned its Stripes

Sandwich Clothing: How Sandwich Fashion Earned its Stripes : Sandwich Clothing has carved a large space for itself in the international market. The brand that could once only be found on Dutch soil is rapidly spreading onto foreign shores. It opened its first Canadian branch in 2016, hot on the heels of its e-commerce launch.

oday, it has stores throughout Europe. Before its dedicated Montreal brand opened, you could find its wares at 350 multi-brand retailers. What’s the secret of its success?

Age is Just a Number

Sandwich Fashion’s core demographic is women over the age of 40. That niche is notorious for its staid, uncreative fashion, so Sandwich’s trendy approach has pushed it ahead of its rivals. The brand’s collection is hip and bright, but its cuts are flattering to an older body shape. The line also places a lot of focus on stories. Each piece fits a specific mix-and-match collection, so putting together an outfit couldn’t be easier.

Earning Trust

The eCommerce market is heaving with exploitative brands, so a good Trustpilot rating can mean the difference between booming success and resounding failure. Sandwich has a trust score of just under four, with hundreds of positive reviews. Its loyal customers love its timeous deliveries and careful packaging. Products are processed and dispatched a day after purchase, and buyers often compliment its clothing quality.

The Power of Natural Fabrics

It’s easy to take advantage of your fashion customers when you’re trading online. You can hide flaws easily when you have Photoshop at your side, and many etailers exploit that fact. The proof is in the item you unpack after delivery, long after you’ve swiped your card.

Sandwich doesn’t exploit its supporters through inferior fabrics or quality. Its range is dominated by natural fabrics, including pure cotton and linen. It diverts to exquisite viscose for items that need superior drape, so the clothing you see in the eCommerce store’s photographs is the clothing you see when you unpack the box.

Digital Assets

Sandwich Fashion has worked hard at making its online portal a valuable one for end users. It offers a range of diverse digital assets, including gift cards, newsletters, and a fulltime customer service team. It accepts major credit cards and digital wallets, so nervous users have all the security they need to feel safe. It offers excellent anonymity by encrypting its personal data and using an SSL coding system for card payments. With the most advanced security features available today, no buyer ever needs to feel nervous about processing their purchase.

Timeless Fashion

There’s a thin line between trendy and irrelevant. Today’s high fashion becomes old fashioned in mere months, so Sandwich creates classic collections that will withstand the test of time. By blending timeless aesthetics with classic palettes, Sandwich makes sure that your purchases never go out of style.

Sandwich Clothing has been building a solid reputation since its launch in the Eighties. Only the best brands manage to outlast that many decades, so its users are always assured of the very best.







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Sandwich Clothing: How Sandwich Fashion Earned its Stripes

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