Bike Shops Online: Top Tips When Shopping for a New Bike

Bike Shops Online: Top Tips When Shopping for a New Bike : If you are buying a bike online, there are lots of points to consider in order to be sure that the bike you order has all the features you need. Here are some top tips from Ride Cycling Ireland when shopping for a bike online.

Which Bike to Choose?

It may sound obvious, but identifying why you are buying a bike in the first place is really important. Bikes can be used for lots of different purposes, whether you are looking for a more eco-friendly way to commute to work, are after the adrenalin rush of a mountain bike or simply want a hobby bike to ride at weekends.

Deciding on why exactly you want to buy a bike will help you narrow down which category of online bike is right for you.

Know Your Size

When it comes to buying a bike online, size matters. Frame size, to be exact. The right frame size is crucial to making sure your bike is easy and comfortable to ride, as well as helping to avoid any painful joints from an incorrectly sized frame. To find the right bike frame size, an easy way is to use your inseam length, measured in centimetres.

Most online bike shops will have a virtual sizing chart, aligning the inseam measurement with the appropriate size of bike frame. However, if your bike arrives and is still not quite the right fit, there is still the possibility to adjust the handlebars and seat height to make things exactly right for you.

Set a Budget

Before browsing for a bike online, be sure to set your budget first. Typically, buying a well-made bike that will last the test of time may be more expensive than most people initially think, so it is important to do your research and set a budget accordingly. For a bike that will be used on a daily basis, for example when commuting, it may be worth splashing out more money to ensure it has all the durability, comfort and speeds you are looking for.

Even a mountain bike can easily run into three or four figures, so be sure you are realistic with what you want to use the bike for and how often you will ride it before making an expensive purchase online.

Consider Assembly Options

When ordering a bike online, many people expect their item to turn up ready to go. However, many online bikes will require some degree of assembly before they can be ridden. Some companies offer an assembly service, at an added cost, which is a good choice for biking newbies who feel unclear about how to fit their bike together.

Other bike companies also provide the option for bikes to be shipped to a local bricks and mortar shop for assembly there, so consider this too before checkout. Whichever assembly option you go for, remember that a properly put together bike is essential in order to protect the longevity of the bike’s mechanics, as well as ensure it is safe for you to ride.






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Bike Shops Online: Top Tips When Shopping for a New Bike

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