How to Cut Men’s Hair at Home With Electric Hair Clippers

How to Cut Men’s Hair at Home With Electric Hair Clippers :With the lockdowns and restriction of movements, many barbershops and beauty parlours were shut down to limit the spread of the pandemic. Therefore, if you love your hair slim and trim, you have to rely on your family or partner to keep your hair short.

Unless you are living with a barber, most people’s haircutting skills are limited. Aside from giving a little trim to your hair occasionally, cutting your hair can be unchartered territory. If it is your first time to trim hair, the following tips with Hair Clippers Ireland will come in handy:

Section the Hair Depending on the Length

Before you start trimming the hair, have the desired result in mind and create a game plan. If you are cutting the ends of your long hair, the technique is simple. However, trimming hair is challenging since the lengths vary. For instance, the top of the head has longer hair compared to the sides. Therefore, you should section off the hair and secure them with clips.

Use Clippers for an Even Cut

Most men like their hair short or layered, which means you have to use a clipper to get an even cut. If it is your first time using a clipper, you need to familiarise yourself with the tool. For instance, you need to learn the blade guard numbers, which represent the length of your hair.

As a rule of thumb, the smallest numbers represent the shortest haircut and vice versa. If you are trimming a lot of hair, you need to start with the longest blade guard until you achieve the desired length. If the length of the hair at the top should be four and two on the sides, you need to buzz the whole head to number four.

When gearing up for the cut, the best technique is to trim the hair against its growth. You should move up the sides when using clippers and begin from the front to back when cutting hair on top of the head.

Use Scissors to Cut the Top Front

If the length warrants it, you can use a pair of scissors to cut off the extended parts of the hair. Usually, the hair near the forehead grows faster. Therefore, you can shorten it with scissors before trimming into a short style with clippers. Ensure you hold the hair tightly and cut it at an angle to leave more room for error and give it a natural texture.

Wash the Hair First

If you cut uncombed hair, the extra bends will make the final cut uneven. Therefore, you should comb the hair to remove the extra bends or waves and wash thoroughly before trimming. Use a de-tangler if the hair has many tangles. You can begin buzzing when the hair is still wet or wait for it to dry.

With great attention to detail and practice, you can manage to trim hair with clippers and produce exceptional results. If you get the best pair of hair clippers and practise the techniques of using it, soon you will know how to cut men’s hair correctly.






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How to Cut Men’s Hair at Home With Electric Hair Clippers

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