Cool T-Shirts Guide – Tips When T-shirt Shopping Online in 2020

Cool T-Shirts Guide – Tips When T-shirt Shopping Online in 2020 : The garment that strictly started as underwear is now a wardrobe staple that almost every man owns. T-shirts’ history dates back over 100 years, and the cloth has developed from workwear into a definitive, modern style essential.

T-shirts are not only the only garments that outlast trends. They are also the only clothing piece that one can wear on any occasion, with suits, at the gym, in bed, and a beach and summer essential. But how do you choose the best colour, style, cut, and fabric for your T-shirt? Below is a cool guide from T-Shirts Ireland to shopping for t-shirts online.

Consider Fabric Type

Always consider the fibre content and the fabric used when shopping online. Most t-shirts are 100% cotton or with a blend of synthetic fibres. They can also contain 100% polyester or a mix of cotton, rayon, and synthetic fibre. Thinner cheaper t-shirts are made with jersey material, while thicker and costly ones use sweatshirt jersey material with interlocking knit.

Read the t-shirt specifications on the website to determine the fabric and interlock pattern used. High-quality t-shirts have interlock knits that look the same on the front and back, whereas cheaper jersey fabric looks different on both sides.

Plain and Printed Designs

Sometimes, the design printed on a t-shirt is the main attraction and can take precedence over other considerations. It’s the cool artwork, quotes, and texts that often attract buyers to online shops when browsing through their social media feeds. But remember always to consider other factors, such as the material and fit, because the design will only last as long as the t-shirt does.

Size and Fit

Size and fit are more important to some than the others. Some buyers love fitting small sizes, while others prefer baggy t-shirts. If you belong to the latter category, focus more on the material used to buy a lasting t-shirt that can be worn all year round. To ensure you buy a fitting t-shirt, browse through the size variant options, or refer to the sizing chart.


One will not usually be wearing t-shirts to a formal event, but certain occasions require a specific t-shit. For sports, consider t-shirts made with 100% polyester, breathable, and quick to dry. For relaxing at home, buy comfortable t-shirts made of natural fibres. For winter activities, get heavy t-shirts made with 100% cotton, long-sleeved, and double interlock knit.

The Cut and Style

Most t-shirts come with a crew-neck and short sleeves. However, there are other cuts and designs, including V-necks, long sleeves, hooded, and even double-layered t-shirts. These designs are often influenced by the individual fashion style and the trends of the moment.

Colour Fading, Pilling, and Shrinkage

When buying t-shirts online, it’s hard to determine the fabric quality and the possibility of shrinking, pilling, or fading. It’s common to see t-shirts become wider or shorter after one wash. Cotton t-shirts always shrink more than other materials. Therefore, consider buying t-shirts made with 100% polyester. Also, choose a larger size if the cotton t-shirt is not labelled pre-shrunk.





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Cool T-Shirts Guide – Tips When T-shirt Shopping Online in 2020

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