Mens Underwear Guide – Finding the Right Underwear for Your Man

Mens Underwear Guide – Finding the Right Underwear for Your Man :Tired of looking at your man’s raggedy, hole-ridden briefs? Then it’s time to replace his collection with trendier alternatives, but as a woman, your experience and knowledge is probably lacking. Don’t worry. We have just the tips you need to fuel your next shopping spree.

Coping with Sizing

Men’s underwear might come in a size 34 and 6, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same as its female counterpart. A male 34 is a small and measures 86 centimetres from the tip of the hip bone. A 36 to 38 is 92 to 97 centimetres.

If you’re uncertain about sizing, choose a more forgiving style. Briefs are usually made from a fine cotton knit that leaves only a centimetre of room for error, but you can count on boxers to give you as much as an inch of variation. If this is your first shopping spree for your man, the latter will serve you best.

Understanding Shapewear

If you think shapewear is limited to women’s fashion, think again. Men want to look svelte, too, so today’s male underwear market is replete with back supporting mirdles and support briefs. They usually rise well over the waist, extending an inch or two above the knee for control. They’re extremely demanding in terms of size accuracy, so choose a light shapewear item before graduating to less forgiving options.

Style Options

Fashion has evolved beyond mere boxers and briefs. Trunks have been designed to offer a sleeker silhouette with a higher leg. If your man tends to wear skinny jeans or form-fitting trousers, they’re the slickest option on the market. Briefs suit men in suits, but their visible seams make them a poor choice for 501-cut jeans.

You’ll also need to consider support. Briefs keep all body parts firmly in place, while boxers offer no control at all. Trunks form a middle ground, offering enough support for loose trousers without bunching beneath tighter cuts.

Finding the Right Shape for Body Type

Every underwear style flatters a particular body type by balancing the trunk shape and height. Boxers give O-shaped physiques a little more length. Briefs flatter the waistline of a square body, and boxers add girth to a triangular trunk.

Choosing Fabrics for Comfort

The trunk is a fussy area for men. Perspiration and lack of support can annihilate comfort in 10 seconds flat, so your man will appreciate a good fabric choice. Cotton wicks moisture away from the body and breathes well, but synthetics can reduce chafing. Bear in mind that if it looks like cotton, that doesn’t mean it is cotton.

Poly blends are a common boxer choice. Linen might look good, but it scratches delicate skin. Silk wicks moisture but lacks the porousness for hot days, while synthetic meshes resolve overheating.

Buying underwear for the opposite sex takes you far beyond your comfort zone, but don’t be intimidated. It’s easier than you think. The men’s underwear market has grown to include more diversity than ever before, so there’s plenty to choose from.







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Mens Underwear Guide – Finding the Right Underwear for Your Man

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