Phone Covers: Trends in Phone Cases for 2020 and Beyond

Phone Covers: Trends in Phone Cases for 2020 and Beyond : Smartphones are a favourite gadget for many people, but they are delicate. It is devastating to watch your phone’s screen crash due to a fall. However, a phone case can protect your device and add some glamour.

Unfortunately, choosing a phone cover is challenging due to the various phone covers flooding the market. You can choose from stylish options that stand out or go for the lightweight and discreet covers.

If you are looking for inspiration on the latest trends of phone cases, we have you covered. We also have tips for choosing the best covers in the market.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

If you do not want to conceal the original colour of your phone, Ultra Hybrid is your go-to case. It has a strong back that will shield your phone from scratches and minimise the impact of a drop. Its slim design makes it undeniably stylish, and the transparency makes it versatile. Apart from the protective back, the slim phone case has a raised bezel and a camera guard to shield the screen and camera from scrapes and scratches. It is compatible with iPhones, Samsung, and other popular Android smartphones.

Leather Case

Leather cases are fashionable and functional since they have a wallet and come with a gold chain and straps. Vaultskin leather phone cases are made from top-grain Italian leather with hand-stitched seams and high-quality finishes. The cases come in various colours providing maximum protection to your phone while looking gorgeous.

OtterBox Screenless Edition

The Screenless edition is a multi-layered design that provides complete protection. The outer cover shields the phone from dust, drops, and scratches, while the inner polycarbonate layer absorbs the impact from falls and reduces damage to the phone. The outer cover is made of silicone and has port covers that minimise dust and dirt from clogging the ports.

Shieldon Case

If you do not like carrying your wallet every time you go out, the Shieldon iPhone case is the best option. The case comes with slots for up to three cards and a bill compartment. It also comes with an invisible kickstand for hands-free phone use. The magnetic closure keeps your cards safe and prevents unauthorised scanning. It is available in various colours, but it is only compatible with iPhones.

Tips When Choosing a Phone Case

Consider the Level of Impact

When choosing a phone cover, keep in mind how and where you use your phone. For instance, if your phone is only vulnerable to minor drops, then you need basic covers with a stylish finish. However, if your phone is prone to huge impacts, a thick case with better shock absorption is the best choice.

Keep Your Needs in Mind

Where do you work? Does your activity make your phone prone to damages? If you work in high-risk environments like construction sites, you need strong protection for your device. If you love swimming, look for a waterproof case that can withstand surprise dunks.

Smartphones are expensive and worth protecting. Therefore, it is critical to find the best protection if you want your phone to stand the test of time.






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Phone Covers: Trends in Phone Cases for 2020 and Beyond

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