Massage Therapy 101: Massage Guidelines During Covid Lockdown

Massage Therapy 101: Massage Guidelines During Covid Lockdown : As life begins to return to some degree of normality following the Covid-19 pandemic, it is still important to follow the proposed guidelines and restrictions in order to keep one another safe. This is especially true for industries where close customer contact is unavoidable.

With spas and beauty clinics reopened since July 6th, here is everything you need to know about the recommended massage therapy guidelines following the Covid lockdown.

Pre-Payment and Temperature Checks

Prior to any treatment taking place, clients should ideally pay online beforehand, or by contactless payment on arrival. The use of cash is generally discouraged by the Government now anyway, but limiting contact time between receptionists and clients is a good idea.

There should also be Perspex screens put in place to create a clear barrier between the receptionist and client. Temperature checks should be carried out at a distance as soon as a client enters the premises, which can be done using contactless temperature gauges.

Social Distancing

Although social distancing is not practical between the massage therapist and client, there are still times where the 2m distance rule can still be respected. If you are working in a spa or beauty clinic, all clients should be scheduled to arrive only at the time of their appointment, to avoid multiple clients sitting together in a waiting area.

Magazines and other materials such as promotional leaflets should be removed from waiting areas too, to avoid any cross contamination. By having fewer people waiting together, this will also decrease the likelihood of conversation between clients, with droplets from speaking having been shown to spread the virus as well as coughing or sneezing.

For this reason also, any kind of food or drink should be prohibited from the premises.

Safety Measures During Treatment

During the massage treatment, there are still safety measures that can be put in place to protect both the massage therapist and the client. The therapist should wear a mask for the duration of the treatment, and preferably a face shield too.

If a client is facing upwards, they should keep their mask on, only removing it once they have turned over and are facing downwards, away from the therapist. In the current climate, although massages are available, facials should not be, as it would mean removing a client’s mask for a full treatment.

All towels should be removed and changed between clients, with disposable gowns worn and then changed between clients also to minimise the risk of any germs passing from one client to another. Although a massage therapist will not be able to wear gloves, it is advisable to wash and thoroughly clean hands between clients too.

Post Massage Precautions

Once their treatment has finished, the client should leave the premises as soon as possible to avoid coming into contact with other clients. All client contact information should be kept and recorded, so that if a case of Covid is reported, anyone who has been on site during that time can be contacted and advised to get a test and self-isolate as appropriate.






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Massage Therapy 101: Massage Guidelines During Covid Lockdown

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