The Rising Popularity of CBD Oil: Why Organic CBD Oil Has Become So Popular

The Rising Popularity of CBD Oil: Why Organic CBD Oil Has Become So Popular : CBD has been creating a huge buzz in the UK since 2018 with its name popping up in beauty products, holistic remedies, food and beverages, and skincare. The health and wellness industries are the leading sectors that have seen the once criticised and frowned upon plant become one of the most sought-after ingredients for health and wellness products.

CBD is now sold in the form of tinctures, added to cosmetic products, and even mixed into our morning cappuccino shot. Experts project that CBD sales will hit the 20 billion mark globally by 2024. But what has caused this hysterical euphoria over CBD in the last few years?

What is Organic CBD Oil?

CBD is a naturally occurring extract derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant. This plant has two variants; the widely abused marijuana plant and the industrial hemp or cannabis. CBD oil, or Cannabidiol, is a natural compound derived from industrial cannabis. Unlike THC, a natural component found in marijuana, CBD does not cause the ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ feeling.

By ingesting CBD oil, the user experiences a satisfying feeling of relaxation, an effect which oozes into the brain and muscles. This feeling promotes increased focus at work, a deeper relaxation of the body, and overcoming of social anxiety attacks. Notably, THC is referred to as the potentially harmful compound which may cause a panic attack and even induce paranoia.

CBD Oil Has Many Health Benefits

CBD oil is purported to possess healing benefits, and it’s often seen as a reliever for several disorders. These benefits draw the distinctive line between CBD and THC, and in many ways. While THC does not have any perceived health benefits and mostly still illegal, CBD oil plays an important role in the health and wellness industry, and with fewer restrictions on the production and sale.

Since CBD oil was legalised in the USA and many European nations, the door swung open for scientists to experiment the properties of this all-rounded wonder drug of the 21st Century. Today, CBD oil acts as an efficient treatment for anxiety and epilepsy. More and rigorous tests are underway to affirm other purported medical benefits of CBD oil, which includes cancer, post-traumatic disorder, and depression. In the UK, CBD products are legal provided they contain less than 0.2% THC.

CBD Oil is A Conservative Green Alternative for Health and Wellness Products

Based on the current generation, then it would be right to say that every era has its desired predicament. While those who survived the war in the early days turned to sedatives, our modern nation has youths singing CBD to their anxiety and depressions. CBD oil is now a cure-all medicine, and on top of that, an all-natural and organic, green substitute for pharmaceutical medications like Helex and Xanax.

Also, the modern conservative drive for a clean environment and sustainable production of beauty products has pushed professionals to use products made from this organic plant. Another driving factor is that women dominate the beauty industry, and they would do whatever it takes to look fresh and young with CBD supplements.






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The Rising Popularity of CBD Oil: Why Organic CBD Oil Has Become So Popular