We’re over-complicating weight loss, paying too much attention to crazes, fads, and trending superfoods, and not enough attention to what naturally slim men and women do, according to research from the Cornell University Food & Brand Lab.

The scientists created an online registry to determine the characteristics and everyday behaviors of 147 men and women within a healthy weight range who don’t particularly struggle with weight fluctuations. The results? They didn’t find any revolutionary diet methods or gimmicky regimens. They found these men and women lead healthy lives, eat the right kinds of foods in the right portions, and stay consistent with these behaviors.

Read more about their findings below, but here’s a quick summation: Naturally slim men and women prefer chickens over cows (61 percent), their lunch and dinners are veggie-loaded, and they snack on fruits (39 percent) and nuts (20 percent). And get this, they even drink. Eighty-one percent of slim men and women consume alcohol, and 65 percent indulge in soft drinks (though we still advise staying far, far away—from even the diet stuff. 

Of course you need to put in the work to lose weight (it’s by no means easy), but maybe these lifestyle habits will help you maintain a reasonable regimen and put you on the path to life-long wellness rather than the next quick-fix, quick-to-quit fad.