Reasons Why Every Guy Must Have A Girl Best Friend

Reasons Why Every Guy Must Have A Girl Best Friend: Those men who say male friendships are the most special clearly haven’t been very good friends with a girl. It may be difficult to understand the fairer sex, but believe me, being friends with them is one-of-a-kind experience! Whether your best friend is a girl or not, read on to know why every guy must have a girl best friend in his life.

1. Be it a relationship problem or a career dilemma, nobody else will give you an advice as sound as your girl best friend. She knows you inside out, probably even better than your girlfriend and definitely knows what’s best for you. Of course, there’s no escaping the jokes.

2. She’s always ready to go shopping with you. She knows what looks the best on you. Whether it is a meeting with your girlfriend’s father or a bachelor party, you can depend on her to be your personal stylist.

Vice versa is never true though. We guys just can’t stop being sleazeballs outside changing rooms.

3. Having a girl best friend opens up so many opportunities for you to score hot girls. Not only do they know a hundred of them, they’re always ready to set you up with someone or the other even if you’re as ugly as this guy!

Admit it, they make much better wingmen than your guy friends.

4. The best thing however, is the part where people assume that you’re dating and she just plays along. Hell, she’s always up for pranks – always!

And sometimes, the prank’s on you!

5. You always have a ‘date’ for a nightclub. You get to party at the coolest clubs without burning a hole in your pocket. Ladies night? Let’s go!


6. You know how challenged most guys are when it comes to buying gifts. Well, that’s where the girl best friend emerges as our knight in shining armour. Anniversaries, birthdays or weddings – she has the best gift suggestions.

7. Admit it; you love watching rom-coms and chick-flicks too. And with a girl best friend, you get a license to watch everything from ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ to ‘Aisha’.

8. You’ve done all sorts of crazy stuff together that you cannot even imagine doing with your guy friends!

9. She’ll be scribbling on the back of your notebook during boring lectures and would help you cheat in the exams!

10. Whether you admit it or not, she is the reason why you’re still on Facebook. From tagging you in funny pictures to sharing ‘personal’ jokes on your wall that nobody else understands, she makes social networking fun!

11. Your parents trust her more than they would ever trust any other girl in your life. She is the only one who can convince your parents that you’re still in class when you’re out on a date with your girlfriend.

12. She loves for who you are. You can be yourself around her and not be judged at all. No matter what you do, you’d find her standing beside you. She’s the constant support every man needs.

13. She’s always available and this fact can never be emphasised enough. You’ve had so many late night conversations with her that you just cannot imagine life without her anymore! From serious conversations about life to your favourite TV show to the most random things in the world, it’s possible for you two to make conversations out of just about anything!

14. You can tease her all you want without offending her. When it comes to jokes, your girl best friend will be a much better sport than any of your guy friends, and you know it! She’s the only girl you don’t have to be extra cautious around.


15. Of course, we love having beer with our guy friends. But only those who’ve had crazy vodka shots with their girl best friends know what fun it is. Who wants to hear guys whining about their trashy love lives when you have the option of seeing your girl best friend hoot and shout and make a complete fool of herself in public view!


16. She doesn’t care if you open the door or pull the chair for her. You can call her by the most ridiculous names and she won’t make a big deal out of how unchivalrous you are – because she knows you respect her and care for her despite all your uncouthness.

17. You know you will keep having arguments with her till the end of time and yet, the friendship will always be the same. She is ‘that’ friend!


18. Man, you can open up to them like you can’t with anyone else in the world. Try doing that in front of your guy friends and you’d be tagged as a wuss. But that’s not the case with her. She will not only put up a straight face despite the funny faces you make while crying but will also cheer you up in the most heart warming ways.

19. You can bitch your heart out in front her. Chances are, she’d join in too and say the nastiest things ever even if she doesn’t know the other person, just to make it more fun. Okay, so the secret is out, guys do bitch as much as girls.


Reasons Why Every Guy Must Have A Girl Best Friend