How To Use Aculief for Migraines?

How To Use Aculief for Migraines? There is nothing painful like a migraine, and it is enough to ruin your whole day and night. People tried so many remedies, even high-dose painkillers also, but nothing works. We understand your pain, and thus we bring a product that promises to stop migraines and headaches. That amazing gadget is none other than Aculief.

An all-natural and non-intrusive gadget that can effectively provide instant relief. It is a traditional Chinese medicine that uses acupuncture points to heal the pain. This therapy not only heals the migraine but also relieves jaw pain, eye pain, limbs, and bones pain. Keep reading to learn how to use Aculief for migraines.

About Aculief

Aculief is an award-winning pain-relieving patented tool that works naturally to relieve migraine pain. This device is absolutely drug-free which is designed with a U shape and one Universal shape. This universal size comfortably fits into any sized hands, and you can adjust it also. It works instantly; just clip it for 5 minutes and see the magic.

Nerd Know Better also recommends Aculief as an efficient self-treatment. Johns Hopkins University, NCCAM, and Men’s Health published positive reports and opinion for aculief. It is designed for active lifestyles purposely. So that people can do other work while wearing it. Aculief will use the pressure points of your body and helps to relieve the tension.

How Does Aculief Work?

Aculief is a modern device that works with a thousand years old ancient Chinese method. This method targets the LI4 acupressure point, which is known as HeGu. But, how will you find the LI4  point by yourself? It’s very simple; this point is in the middle area of your hand’s thumb and forefinger. When you wear Aculief, it puts direct pressure on the LI4 point.

In this way, Aculief makes the body relax by triggering the release of endorphins. Also, it helps to relieve tension, headache, migraine, back pain, and boost the body’s natural energy. It is ideal for those people who seek the best alternative of medicines. This device takes only 5 minutes to heal the pain. In some cases, due to people’s pain severity Aculief may take a longer time.

According to Johns Hopkins University, providing acupressure at the LI$ acupuncture point can dramatically decrease severe pain. They also stated that proper stimulation of LI4 could effectively relieve headache, toothache, pain in the eye, bones, jaws, and limbs. NCCAM stated that over 500 clinical trials of acupuncture confirm that this technique can treat anxiety, fatigue, chronic pain, headache, infertility, etc.

How To Use Aculief for Migraines?

To avoid any discomfort or pain while using Aculief, you should use it accurately. Therefore, we are providing the step-by-step process of using Aculief.

  • Step 1: Keep your non-dominant hand straight and locate the LI4 point.
  • Step 2: Clip the Aculief comfortably after opening it.
  • Step 3: Make sure to put the Aculief logo on the upward side.
  • Step 4: After 5 minutes of use, change the logo position and put it downward.
  • Step 5: If you feel pressure, then reapply the device. Remove the Aculief and gently stretch the center.
  • Step 6: If necessary, repeat stretching.

What Are the Features of Aculief?

This pain relief product helps to make health conditions better with its effective features. So, let’s dive into those features of Aculief.

Drug-Free Solution

Sometimes medicine can cause side-effects and some long-term effects, which is bad for your health. Also, medicines work for a shorter period. Fortunately, Aculief doesn’t require ingesting any medicine and works as a long-term solution. This device is scientifically proven for relieving pain in an all-natural way.

Stress Relief

When you start using Aculief, you will feel that it not only beneficial for headaches and migraines but other health issues also. It can heal anxiety, tension, stress, toothaches, jaw pain, eye pain, limbs, and bone pain. Moreover, it is ideal for chronic pain, arthritis, chemotherapy sickness, among other ailments.

Immediate Relief

Whenever you start feeling headache, just wear Aculief for a minimum of 5 minutes, and you can feel the difference. Wear it on your non-dominant hand; to ensure more comfort.

Designed for Active Lifestyle

Aculief is designed considering the active lifestyle of people. This device is 100% water-proof. You can wear it while swimming, jogging, exercising, playing, cooking, driving, sleeping, and doing other work.

Durable and Convenient

Aculief is made with sturdy and high-quality materials. This device can serve you for life long. Also, it is so compact that it can be your on-the-go companion. It is much easier for carrying, storing, and using conveniently.

Universal Size

It comes in one Universal shape that effortlessly fits anyone’s hand. People with any hand size can wear it. If you feel discomfort or extreme pressure, you can easily adjust it by stretching its center.


Aculief doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or material. It is absolutely a natural solution without any side-effects. Except for pregnant women, anyone can use it. LI4 acupuncture point can induce contraction, which is harmful to pregnant women. Apart from that, it is a 100% safe device.

Aculief is not meant for diagnosing, preventing, curing, or treating any medical condition. So, before using this device, consult with your doctor.


Aculief is a safe, durable, long-lasting device that uses pressure points for healing migraine and headache pain. This natural treatment has no side-effects. Moreover, within a few minutes of using, you can feel that your headache starts to ease. This device will help you from buying tons of medicines and prevent the long-term effects of those medicines.

Aculief is the ideal product to have a drug-free, pain-free, and comfortable life. So, switch to Aculief instead of consuming medicines. As from this article, you learn the techniques of using it, so make the best use of Aculief. Nothing is better than natural remedies, and it is the practical solution for pain relief.






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How To Use Aculief for Migraines?

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