How To Become A Swift & Successful Problem Solver

How To Become A Swift & Successful Problem Solver : The world belongs to those who can solve seemingly unsolvable problems, and fast. We all agree that action is crucial to having any kind of success in your life, but there is no point in taking actions that brings you no results.

If you want to take directional action that puts you ahead in your life then you have to base your action on reliable as well as effective mental strategies that help you deal with any mental blocks that come on your road to achievements and success.

You know all the world shakers are great thinks, they make a notable movement in the whole world because they are able to come up with effective solutions for the problems at hand in record time.

You can also achieve similar results with some training and techniques which are meant for sharpening your brainpower and by practicing to think as if on your wings.

Powerful ways to Train Your Brain to Think Fast and Solve Problems Effectively:

  1. Examine and Analyse a Problem from Multiple Point of Views

    When we come across a difficulty, problem, or challenge, our first reaction is to see the problem only from one perspective. But why limit ourselves to only one perspective when we have been gifted by the power to analyse things from multiple angles?

    Whenever you come across a problem, which can be big or small, try to analyse it from at least 3 different points of view so that you not only come up with the best possible solution but also give yourself some good brain-training.

    Our brain is great at pattern building, so the next time a similar problem occurs, your brain will quickly form a pattern and you will save time as well as vital brain power while solving that problem.

  2. Give Your Brain Something New To Do Every Day

    We have already talked about our brain’s love for pattern building so that it can make our lives easier. But this same pattern building is a double edge sword because your brain has fixed patterns for various things, it does not have to think about how to do it.

    Let’s take the example of riding a bicycle or bike, when you first start riding a bike, your brain is super focused on the various parts of the bike, the speed as well as the road ahead. Your brain takes all possible things into account so that it can help you to ride the bike or bicycle successfully without falling off hurting yourself in the process.

    But after you learn to ride the bike successfully, your brain builds patterns, and now it becomes second nature for you to ride a bike, which does not involve much thinking or focus.

    But the same patterns prevent you from coming up with out of the box solutions which are essential if you want to become a prolific problem-solver.

    But the good news is that you can train your brain to think creatively every day by doing something slightly different.

    You can do simple things like brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand, taking a different route to work, or brainstorming by writing in a secondary language.

    New things make your brain come back to the super-focused mode and it takes in every detail and saves it so that you can recall it later on when you need it in any kind of situation.

  3. Brainstorm with a Group of People with Different Perspectives

    Yes, we have the ability to think from different perspectives, and we have our imagination to guide us where our reality does not take us. But even then, our thoughts can be similar, predisposed to think in a way that is in concurrence with our primary perspective.

    That is why it is always wonderful to hear about the solutions that other people can come up with for your problem. Brainstorming sessions can be helpful as when you brainstorm, you focus on coming up with a high quantity of solutions, which you can later debate about regarding their effectiveness.

    There are times when two or more solutions found during the brainstorming sessions can be modified to create the perfect solution that will serve your purpose splendidly.

    You can argue as to how does a group of other brainstorming makes you a better problem solver but isn’t that the crux of the matter? No matter who comes up with the solution, the important matter is that the problem is solved under your guidance and leadership.

    Becoming a great problem solves demands a certain humility on your part, where you have to let go of ego and assumption that you are the only one who can come up with a breakthrough solution. Great thinkers and effective problem solvers are often great leaders who acknowledge and encourage others to think great.

  4. Get in a state of Free Flow if a Problem has been Bothering You for a while

    There are some problems that can be solved with some focused thinking or effective brainstorming sessions, but some of them refuse to untangle themselves no matter how hard you try.

    When you reach that stage, acknowledge that your conscious brain has done enough, and now it is time for your subconscious brain to try to unlock the problem at hand.

    There are various ways to bring your subconscious mind into the picture by doing activities that make your conscious mind to relax or go into a half-asleep state.

    Activities such as listening to soft soothing music, playing a game that does not require you to think, or even swimming or free-writing can be activities that make a person go into the “flow-state” during which we come up with wonderful solutions without any obvious efforts. Choose the activity of your choice, and let your worries flow away, a solution will appear when it has to.

  5. Enhance Your Cognitive Skills

    Cognitive skills are crucial for problem-solving as well as decision making, and there are various ways you can enhance these skills.

    There are various mind-training activities that will boost your brain activity which many people refer to as brain-hacking.

    There are many herbs such as Indian Ginseng which are considered to be vital in improving your brain’s capacity to think and improve memory. People have also started making use of smart drugs such as Modalert & Waklert which contains Modafinil, this medication promotes better problem-solving skills, quick and effective decision making because well as boosting your productivity at work or school.


Our brains are the most magnificent tools that we have been gifted and we can use them and train them to unlock our best potential that is meant to amaze us.






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