5 Life lessons we can only learn from Netflix’s Sex Education, though lately

5 Life lessons we can only learn from Netflix’s Sex Education, though lately : Sex Education Season-2 was released earlier this year with some new love interests, thrilling returns of some familiar faces, and a Chlamydia outbreak, of course!

This show created a boom since its first season’s launch & we cannot get over season two either. There is something too gripping about this series that reminds us that we all lack some things that can make our sex and relationship better. Wishing that we knew certain things earlier, we could have handled relationships well. Okay now, we’re about to have a throwback to the life lessons that only Sex Education taught us.

Even if you aren’t a teenager & had sex hundreds of times, you still need to have a look. Here you go!

5 Life Lessons that only Sex Education Teaches us better

  1. Talk about Sex, its normal!

    One of the biggest lessons learned from Sex Education is the importance of ‘sex education’ in our lives. Many of us are just too uncomfortable when talking about sex. Sex Education shares a glimpse of what it feels like when you let yourselves be educated about it & be more understanding of each other’s sexual experiences.

    Talking about sex can involve so many things. It could also include letting your partner know if you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction & using Fildena 100 and Kamagra Oral Jelly for its treatment.

    Do you remember the scene when one of the students gets a sexually-transmitted infection? You may recall how everyone started to panic just because they’re misinformed. We all know how friendships & reputation could have been saved if they only knew how it is transmitted.

  2. LGBTQ sex education should be there

    Why is LGBTQ sex education so underrated? Do we even realize how important it is for the LGBTQ community to learn how to have sex comfortably?

    We all know something is wrong with our thinking after Episode 6 when Anwar comes to Otis with a problem that he doesn’t know anything about douching. Rahim takes him through the what-if & how-to of douching with a thorough description in the biology lab.

    Don’t you think LGBTQ day courses should be introduced to let the community know how to get sexually active & let them figure out how to have pleasure with their homosexual partners?

  3. How to bring-in something new to your bedroom

    Sex feels different for everyone & no episode reflects this better than the one in which Mr. Hendricks & Miss Sands were enjoying their blossoming relationship. They were struggling with their sex life at the same time.

    You see Miss Sands loves dirty talks & Mr. Hendricks is just too bad at it. We see him trying to please her by penning down things on his hands to impress her lady love during sex. The situation gets odd when one desires something & the other is a misfit. What you do in such a situation decides your further relationship bond, right?

    After all this, Mr. Hendricks wants to know why Miss Sands likes dirty talks so much. She says, ‘I feel like a dowdy teacher all day, so when I’m home, I want to escape and feel … sexy.’ This makes Mr. Hendricks realize that it’s not about the words, but feelings that matter. So, going mutual is a better way out.

    Similarly, if your partner is horny after coming once, you may grab a magic pill of Cenforce 100 make her feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

  4. Feel free to express your wants & likes

    When things were spicing-up among Otis & Ola in Episode-2, you see Otis anxious. Not knowing how to make a girl feel pleasurable during intimacy, Otis seems curious to search ‘how to finger’ on the internet. He gets worried after learning the technique called ‘The Clock.’

    Otis finally gives it a try & he assumed that Ola was into it. He even brags to Eric about his newfound title of sex god. Later, he was told by Lily about the pain Ola felt during his rough jobbing. Ola finally tells Otis about how bad he is at fingering and why they never have to do it again. She also offers Otis if she could show him what she likes. That’s quite honest!

    When you’re ready to talk your heart about your likes & dislikes, it becomes a clear message for your partner to know the dos & don’ts without worrying much. After all, it’s the key to a healthier & long-lasting relationship.

  5. Losing your Virginity isn’t the only big deal

    This is something we all had experienced when young. It’s a common perception that people prefer to lose their virginity to someone they love & would want to live with for the rest of their life. The same thing happens to Otis & Ola in Episode 5.

    Otis had always thought he would be in love with the person he would lose his virginity or had sex for the first time. He was about to have sex with Ola soon, but he knew he didn’t love her. Finally, he approaches Ola expressing his love that he knew never exists. He did all this just because he didn’t want his dream to fall apart. Ola breaks up with Otis that they don’t love each other & they’re only supposed to be friends.

    Do you know why we all think this way? It could be because it is our very first sexual experience that we don’t have to compare with anything. We may have sex with many partners later, but the first experience is special because we allow someone for the first time to get into our intimate parts that’s a heightened pleasure in itself. That’s it.


Believe it or not, Sex Education by Netflix is more a lesson than a series. We never knew we need an eye-opener like it to let the teenage & adult generation know how to improve relationships & think beyond intimacy to understand people better.

After all, not everyone can mend their distorted sexual life with Vidalista 20. There are many problems & each of them needs different solutions, right?





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5 Life lessons we can only learn from Netflix’s Sex Education, though lately

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