Dude-Friendly Products That’ll Help You Get Rid Of Your Chapped Lips

Dude-Friendly Products That’ll Help You Get Rid Of Your Chapped Lips: This one’s a persistent problem and not the most attractive to girls! Chapped lips (or dry lips) are an occurrence not just in winters, but all around the year and you’re probably ignoring it. Though ignorance could be bliss in life at times, but only if you want to score low on the kissable meter! However, fret not- give us those ears, we’re here for you!

The most important aspect to any skin care problem is ‘prevention’. If you include these skin care habits into your life right now, you’d never experience chapped lips ever in life.

Hydrate Naturally

Your parents have been yelling this and if you’ve always given them a deaf year, but it’s time you relent. Everyday pollution and environmental hazards affect your lips and turn them dry. So instead of using hydrating products, begin with pots of water to suffice the need. 8-10 glasses/64 ounces should be enough in a day, but if you want to make it more weight-accurate, here’s how to calculate- take note of your weight (in pounds) and divide it by 2. Now convert the result into ounces and that’s the measure of how much you need to drink through the day.

Exfoliate Them Often

Heard of this term before? Maybe you have or maybe not, whatever maybe your answer- the term now needs to be an integral part of your life. Invest in it once a week or maybe twice, but ensure your lips look soft and fresh with frequent exfoliation. There are endless lip scrubs hoarding the market, so pick one and use! However, we recommend natural ingredients and products from organic brands. Besides, there are other natural ways too:

Coconut Oil: Pick a toothbrush with soft bristles and rub coconut oil over it. Now in gentle, circular motions, scrub your lips with it (for over a minute). Disclaimer, don’t go too harsh, your lips can get red!

Honey & Brown Sugar: As we said, natural exfoliation is probably the best bet. Mix a teaspoon of brown sugar with two teaspoons of organic honey and use the mix to massage your lips for not more than a minute. Now wash it off and apply some Vaseline!

Use An Everyday Lip Balm

You’ve bought them a million times and lost them 10 times in a row. But boys, lip balms for men should be kept handy at all times! Ingredients that guarantee a good lip balm- beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, honey, jojoba oil, aloe vera. Use the balm almost four times in a day, every time you wash your face and if you’re sweating too much because of exercise/your glands, re-apply it as the coat vanishes. All in all- as a thumb rule, use a lip balm every time your lips get tight!

If You’re An Outdoorsy Professional, Opt For SPF/Sport Lip Balms

As situations change, results vary and so do requirements that’ll keep chapped lips at bay. If you’re an athlete/a junkie of outdoor activities, you’re certainly exposed to the sun in plenty. Hence, invest in sport lip balms as opposed to the ordinary and you’d get sun protection with their SPF properties!

A Bedtime Lip Care Routine Is A Must

To remove the darkness and dry cells off your lips, invest in a pre-sleep lip care routine. Take a cotton ball, soak it in honey and dab it on your kiss-tool for a minute before washing the face! Now post the wash, apply a lip balm to moisturise it back.

Steer Clear Of A Few Habits

Stay away from smoking, drinking more than 3 cups of coffee, eating spicy/pungent food, taking acidic drinks, licking/peeling/pulling your dry lip skin, breathing from your mouth and lastly, limiting your intake of alcohol in the system.

Now that you’re aware of what to do and not to, what if your lips are dry already? If yes, here’s how to treat them quick:

Step 1, change your toothpaste. Some synthetic ingredients in your current paste could be the cause of your lips peeling, so replace it with an organic and natural alternative. Step 2, invest in a unflavoured, non-medicated lip balm for men.





Dude-Friendly Products That’ll Help You Get Rid Of Your Chapped Lips