Things You Didn’t Know About Her Masturbation Habits

Things You Didn’t Know About Her Masturbation Habits: Women Reveal The Secrets You Never Knew About Their Solo Time HabitsObviously, there are lots of differences when it comes to male vs. female masturbation. For starters, there’s a whole sex toy market dedicated to helping ladies get down with their bad selves. Also, the process of reaching orgasm takes longer for women than it does for men. Which means ladies have a whole lot more time to fantasize about the steamy scenarios that they’d love to find themselves in.

Piqued your interest? To uncover all the things you might not know about female masturbation, we asked a few real women who do it on the regular to dish on all the details. From what she’s thinking about when she’s getting herself off, her favorite toys, and even fantasies she has about you when she’s after that big “O,” here are the lesser known habits women have when they’re having a solo session.

1. She Does It In Public Sometimes

“I get off really hard masturbating in public,” says Jo’Lisa, 27. “It’s obviously easy during the summer if you are wearing a dress. I get myself very aroused with some nipple action and then go in for the kill — basically when I know it’ll take nothing to come. Which is funny, because I hate nipple play as foreplay for sex.”

“My favorite place to get off is in my office’s private bathroom,” says Kim, 28. “Do you ever get so horny at work that you literally can’t be productive unless you have an orgasm? I do my best work right after I’ve finished myself off in the office. Which is what I would tell my boss if she ever caught me.”

2. She Fantasizes About Threesomes, Too

“I’m so obsessed with my boyfriend that he’s in all my masturbation fantasies,” says Gigi, 26. “But I don’t tell him that I like to think about having a threesome with another dude when I’m masturbating. I think I like the idea of it, but I’d be too worried about a) him being mad about another guy having sex with me and b) that it wouldn’t be respectful or make me feel comfortable.”

3. She Gets Off To Some Surprising Stuff

“Recently, there was an NFL security guard who got caught jerking off while standing by the cheerleaders watching them,” says Stefanie, 29. “The first time I saw it I was watching the news with my roommates, and all of them were saying how gross it was — but I was so turned on by it. I guess it was the whole thought of him being so horny that he had to get himself off right then and there that did it for me. I watched that clip again later by myself and masturbated to it — and it became my ‘porn’ of choice for weeks afterward!”

4. She Uses A Sex Toy — Or Multiple Sex Toys

“I have different toys for different fantasies,” says Charlotte, 27. “One that simulates oral sex (the Womanizer), a bigger, wider vibrator for when I want to imagine I’m having hard, fast sex, a smaller vibrator that’s perfect for just a quickie clit orgasm — and of course, butt plugs for butt stuff. Typically, I don’t let someone I’m dating in on this information until things get much further down the line. I get that it sounds like a lot — but there’s just so much out there to try!”

5. She Masturbates Way More Often Than You Think

“My last boyfriend was surprised to hear that I masturbate at least once every day,” says Angel, 26. “Men come off as the ‘hornier’ sex because they seem to always flaunt their efforts and escapades. But women are just as horny, if not more. We just aren’t as vocal about how horny we always are.”

6. She Uses Lube

“I have a few different ones that I like to use depending on the mood I’m in,” says Kayla, 26. “I have one that gets warm for when I’m going to be at it for a while, one that tingles that I use if I’m just trying to get it done and get out the door to work. I’m a big fan of lube in general, so why not break it out when I’m going at it by myself?”

7. She Does It When Her Sheets Smell Like You

“Any time my boyfriend stays the night at my place, the first thing I do when I get back home to those sheets that smell like him is masturbate,” says Sarah, 24. “Smelling him while touching myself and thinking about the sex we just had the night before makes the fantasy more vivid — and makes me finish harder.”

8. She’s Loud

“I’m just as loud when I masturbate as I am when I’m actually having sex,” says Jennifer, 23. “I think being vocal about how good something feels and how close I’m getting makes it feel more like the real thing. It also makes me feel like I’m getting back at my neighbors that are always having loud sex at all hours of the night. Vengeance is sweet.





Things You Didn’t Know About Her Masturbation Habits