Reasons Why Every Man Needs To Date A Strong Woman Like Emma Watson

Reasons Why Every Man Needs To Date A Strong Woman Like Emma Watson: Emma Watson. She’s the thinking man’s ideal woman. Hell, she is the Renaissance woman! And to date the likes of her is no piece of cake!

But, oh, count the ways it can be worth it; especially since, honestly there are only a handful of such women in the whole world. You’ll have had to have found her first. But, in case you’re one of the lucky few who do happen to find such a woman, here is a list of reasons why you should seize your chance and date her, if she will let you.

1. She will constantly enlighten you

…With her knowledge and ideas. Emma has always been full of wisdom and sense like no other woman her age. She knows when to say what and to whom. She doesn’t waste time on misdirected conversations over trivial issues. She makes you want to understand issues and people on a deeper level.

2. What you see is what you get

She isn’t one to hold up an appearance just for the heck of it. If she doesn’t connect with it, she just won’t do it. You can count on her to be the same person she is with you, even when she’s not with you. She doesn’t have any facades and you can rest assured she’ll never fake it.


3. She doesn’t escort drama whatsoever

How often do you see Watson in the limelight? For her movie promotions, yes. For her duties as a Goodwill Ambassador to the UN, yes. Aside from that? Nope, you don’t. What does this tell you about her? That she’s only seen and heard when she needs to be. If you date a woman like that, you can rest assured that she won’t deal with any form of needless drama in your lives. She won’t play hard to get or throw a tantrum in a crowd. It is what it is and she’ll do as much as she needs to, no questions asked.


4. She stands for equality in relationships

And it won’t just be restricted to relationships. When you’re with a woman like Emma Waston, you notice how she cares for and values human life, as a whole—irrespective of gender, race or religion. And when she values all of this, you can rest assured that she speaks for equality in all life forms. She won’t be using feminism as a stick to beat someone with. She’ll be using true concepts of feminism, humanity and liberty to uplift an individual.


5. She will make you want to be a better person

When you watch a woman like Emma Watson do all that she can within her power to make the environment her and, by an extension, around everyone she comes in contact with, a better place to live, you’re instantly drawn to her cause and her passion to think of people and issues other than herself. You want to be half as good a person as she is. You want to be worthy of being her partner and so, you offer to help her, or invest in a cause of your own. This is how she cultivates the good in you.


6. She isn’t afraid

… Of speaking her mind, calling a spade a spade, taking a stand and just being who she is. Her strong sense of self is what makes her so attractive and inspiring at the same time. She knows who she is, where she comes from and where she wants to be. Her mind is not fickle and wandering and her feet are firmly grounded. She won’t bail on you when the tide gets tough.


7. She makes the world a better place, really

She makes the world so much better just by living and breathing. The fact that she’s doing that while she’s with you is just a blessing for you. When you watch her do all that she does for a greater good and you see how lucky you are to have her in your life, you know that she’s literally one of the best things to have happened in a very long time… and not just to you.





Reasons Why Every Man Needs To Date A Strong Woman Like Emma Watson