Questions to See How Honest You Really Are With Your Partner

Questions to See How Honest You Really Are With Your Partner: We’re all guilty of telling little white lies to our partners. Few relationships are 100 percent completely honest, and anyone who says that’s not true is probably lying. Even the most honest and healthy relationships have their secrets, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some things are just meant to remain untold, so no judgment if you’ve got a couple of things on the down-low.

There are questions, however, that should be answered with transparency in order for the relationship to continue down a good path. If they’re not addressed as they happen, you could be in for a rough patch later on. To see how honest you really are with your SO, answer the following questions, and keep score until the end.

  1. Do you have any noteworthy exes you’ve never mentioned?
  2. Have you been dishonest about your feelings at any point in your relationship?
  3. Do you keep your sexual history a mystery?
  4. Have you downplayed how serious your last relationship was?
  5. Do you keep how you really feel about their friends and family to yourself?
  6. Have you kept any platonic dates a secret?
  7. Do you leave out details from your night out with friends?
  8. Are there any hobbies or things you’ve pretended to be interested in?
  9. Have you flirted with someone and not mentioned the person to your partner?
  10. Have you hidden any questionable texts?
  11. Have you lied about any of your whereabouts recently?
  12. Is there anything related to your finances your partner doesn’t know?
  13. Have there been any times you’ve denied being jealous?
  14. Do you still have any dating apps on your phone?
  15. Have you hooked up with any of their friends before you started dating and not told them?

If you’ve answered mostly “yes”:

It might be time to have a talk with your partner and reevaluate your relationship. Think about what’s making you keep these things to yourself: you feel like you can’t be honest with your partner, you’re not ready to commit to one person, etc. Whatever the reason is, it should shed some light on what’s currently going on.

If you’ve answered mostly “no”:

You’re an honest and trustworthy partner!




Questions to See How Honest You Really Are With Your Partner