How to Run Properly: A Simple Guide to Better Running

How to Run Properly: A Simple Guide to Better Running : Running is a great way to keep in shape. All you need is a decent pair of running shoes, some basic kit and you’re away. However, amid all the considerations of distance run, times and speed our posture can be overlooked.

Whether you are a newbie to running or an experienced campaigner a little thought spent on posture and running form can boost your efficiency, speed and, most importantly, reduce your risk from injury, as Running Shop Ireland outlines below.

Good Body Position

Running can take its toll on the body if your form is not right, with the potential for injury never too far away. Like any physical sport injuries can and do happen, but good technique can reduce the risk and amount of injuries experienced. As you run you should be leaning slightly forward to help propel the body, but the spine should remain straight. Concentrate on looking ahead rather than down at the ground and swing the arms back and forth from the shoulders at a ninety degree angle. It can help to try and get your breathing in line with your stride pattern. It can take a little practice to perfect your running posture and eliminate bad habits, but it is a worthwhile exercise.


A shorter stride and more steps can help reduce injury. By increasing your cadence you put less stress through the legs and therefore you want to try and avoid overstriding. As you run you want a smooth, even foot strike, aiming to land your foot underneath your body. Ideally you want to land mid or fore foot as landing on the heels can add more stress through the knees. To help reduce the effects of the constant impact of the foot strike on your legs and body ensure you find the right running shoes for you.

Why Form is Important

Each time you strike the ground as you run your legs have to absorb your body weight and the forces of the impact. The more efficient your posture the more efficiently your body deals with these forces. As well as joint pain, muscle and tendon problems, a poor running posture is often the cause of lower back issues. As with any machine you may own, when it is not running efficiently you do not get the best out of it. Running works the same way, if your posture is poor and inefficient you do not make best use of your stored energy reserves.

Looking After the Body

A simple 5 minute dynamic warm up helps prepare the body for a run, easing you in to the posture and form you want. When not pounding the streets or treadmill make time for some flexibility and strength work, as well as considering your nutrition and fluid intake. Nobody can be guaranteed injury free running, but by combining these with good posture you will reduce your vulnerability and make running more enjoyable. Patience is key though, as the improvement in running performance you may desire only comes with practice over time.





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How to Run Properly: A Simple Guide to Better Running

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