Whether you are male or female, having toned abs is everyone’s dream. In order to get the perfect abs, you may have to do a considerable amount of exercise, but once you see the results, all that effort will be worth it. Read on to discover the most effective ways to tone your abs and transform your body into a work of art.

  1. The Side PlankThe side plank is a popular exercise with male and female celebrities; this is not really a surprise considering the fact that the side plank really works! Contrary to the traditional plank position, the side plank is a little more challenging, since you are supporting your entire body weight with two contact points on your body. When you execute a normal plank, you use four.To do the side plank, lie on the left side of your body and place your elbow directly beneath your shoulder. Keep your legs on top of each other when you do this. Then, place your right hand on your right hip. Alternatively, you can keep your right hand on your left shoulder if this feels more comfortable to you. Once you are in the desired position, lift your hips off the floor. Ensure that your body forms a diagonal line. Hold this position for approximately 30 seconds.The side plank can be a bit challenging for beginners, so if you are not able to hold this position for 30 seconds, try it for as long as you can. Once you have done one side, switch sides and do the side plank again.
  2. The Push-Up WalkoutThe Push-Up Walkout is a simple exercise to get your abs ripped. When you do this exercise, you will not only use your abs, but also other parts of your body such as your arms and legs. If you want to increase the strength in your arms and legs as well, the Push-Up Walkout will be the perfect exercise for you.Start by putting yourself in a push-up position and place your hands approximately two inches wider than your shoulders. When you are in this position, walk your hands out as far as you can. For optimal results, repeat ten times.Experienced athletes who want a bit of a challenge can always lift one leg before they walk their hands out. However, this exercise should only be executed by someone with a sufficient amount of strength; this to prevent injuries.
  3. The Alligator DragThe Alligator Drag will work your core to the max and is the ideal exercise for athletes who want to burn some body fat and make their abs more visible. The Alligator Drag is a combination of cardio and strength, which means it is perfect for weight loss.To do the Alligator Drag, place yourself in a push-up position and place your feet on some towels or plates. Then, walk yourself forward with your hands for at least 9 metres. Rest for about a minute and then repeat the exercise to make your way back to the starting point. For the best results, repeat the Alligator Drag one time.
  4. The Overhead ReachFor this exercise, you will need some dumbbells, since this exercise will tone your abs and your shoulders. It is a great exercise for both men and women.Lie on your back with your hips and knees in a 90-degree angle. Use your abs to keep your lower back on the ground and raise your arms up. Make sure that your elbows stay slightly bent. Then, raise your arms over your head while holding the dumbbells and bring them back to the floor behind your head. During this exercise, make sure your back arch stays on the floor.To get the best results from this exercise, 15 repetitions are recommended. If you are just starting out, make sure you do not choose dumbbells that are too heavy. Heavy dumbbells may lead to injury, so only increase the weight of your dumbbells if your arms and shoulders can deal with the extra weight.
  5. Vaser LiposuctionNo matter how much we work our abs, sometimes there are pockets of fat that will not disappear despite exercise and healthy eating habits explained to Dr Lanzer. If these fat pockets are persistent, there are ways to make your abs shine and eliminate the fat that has been plaguing you for years – Vaser liposuction.Vaser liposuction is a cosmetic procedure executed under a local anaesthetic. During this procedure, the cosmetic surgeon uses sound to liquefy fat cells, which are then removed by suction. Vaser liposuction is a lot less invasive than traditional liposuction, making it a good treatment for athletes struggling to get rid of persistent fat.
    Athletes who have lost a serious amount of weight and struggling with excess skin can benefit from other minor procedures as well, for example body contouring. The possibilities are endless.