What does Recovery from ED Look Like?

What does Recovery from ED Look Like? There are numerous articles on the internet prescribing all sorts of medical and non-medical treatments for reversing erectile dysfunction. What they don’t tell you is that the journey of recovering from the condition is deeply personal and at times exhausting.

Erectile dysfunction is not an elusive condition affecting a few handful of the population, it is fairly common and every man has experienced at least one episode of not being able to achieve the erection when desired. ED can be caused by a variety of factors-lifestyle, stress and overall health of the body being the important ones. But once you undergo certain urologic surgeries, the recovery depends on certain criteria-which is what we will be discussing in this article.

Usually, the factors that influence your recovery from ED depend on your age- the younger you are, the faster you bounce back. If the condition is caused by any urologic surgery, then recovery depends on whether or not you had stronger erections before the operation. As far as the surgical technique is considered-whether or not your neurovascular bundles have been preserved also accounts for your recovery. For ED that arises out of complications of prostate and bladder radical surgery, there are methods to restore proper function by preserving the nerves. However, post-surgical therapies have been proved to be the most effective of all the treatment options. Such treatments usually begin with the administration of oral drugs. Physical exercises recommended for this condition are as follows:

  1. Kegel Exercises

    The aim with any physical exercise to improve your condition is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. For practicing any kegel routine, you need to locate the bulbocavernosus muscle. While urinating you should attempt to stop the flow multiple times and while doing so, focus on the muscle you are using to do so. Once you locate the muscle, to perform you have to clench the muscle while sitting, lying or standing and hold for three seconds. Release and repeat at least 5 times. The results will show up in four to six weeks of regular exercise. Before practicing more exercises from the internet consider a good urologist from Urology Clinic in Miami. One such renowned urology institute is Gousse Urology Miami Clinic. With locations in all of Florida it has the best track record in recovering from urological diseases such as enlarge prostate and more.

  2. Pilates

    Pilates done with focus on the pelvic floor muscles are another good addition to your kegel exercises. Knee fallouts-where you keep the knees bent and tilt them to one side while the feet are firmly planted on the ground is an excellent exercise. Youtube has excellent resources on pilates but you should proceed until you experience any unwarranted pain. Then you must consider paying your urologist from a Urology Clinic in Miami a visit.

  3. Aerobic Exercises

    These exercises are recommended for laying the extra weight out of your body. These are usually suggested if ED has arised due to an unhealthy lifestyle, stress or because of blocked arteries. These exercises include running, cycling, rope skipping etc. Obesity and decreased level of activities are often associated with ED.

    While recovering from ED if you are following a good exercise regimen and are taking your oral medications on time, it may take anywhere from four to six weeks to recover. And if the problem is still persistent, you must consult a urologist to educate, guide and treat you on the same. As mentioned earlier, the recovery is a deeply personal process and you must learn to face your fears and carry on doing a recommended routine even if it feels difficult to do so. As for most physical problems, consistency and patience are the key in recovery.






What does Recovery from ED Look Like?







What does Recovery from ED Look Like?

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